Shiflett Research Lab

Research Associates

Rajkumar Kore, Ph.D.

Research interests: design ionic liquid-based materials for catalysis, gas adsorption, and separation using a sustainable approach

Michael Lundin, Ph.D.

Research interests: designing an ionic-liquid based gas absorption system

Berlyn Mellein, Ph.D.

Research interests: thermophysical properties and vapor-liquid equilibria of hydrocarbons in aqueous salt solutions

Postdoctoral Researchers

Hannes Schmidt, Ph.D.

Research interests: interaction of refrigerants with low global warming potential and lubricants 

Senior Scientists

David R. Corbin, Ph.D.

Research interests: applications of inorganic materials to industrial problems, zeolites, separations, and metal oxides

Kenneth Leffew, Ph.D.

Research interests: polymerization reactor design, polymer process synthesis and processing, advanced process control and product design