Department of Aerospace Engineering

Emily Arnold, Ph.D.

Research interests: multifunctional structures, airborne remote sensing, and unmanned aircraft systems
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Department of Chemical Engineering

Alan M. Allgeier, Ph.D.

Research interests: heterogeneous catalysts and processes to efficiently use renewable resources and existing fossil fuel resources, advance the ongoing revolution in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and characterization methods for sustainable porous materials
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Cory Berkland, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical or chemical engineering????

Research interests: antigen-specific immunotherapies, sequestering cells to combat autoimmunity, autoimmunity and tolerance reintroduction, targeted drug delivery, and gene delivery
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Ana Rita C. Morais, Ph.D.

Research interests: developing economically viable and energy-efficient technologies for upgrading lignocellulose and mixed plastic wastes, exploring potential synergies between lignocellulosic biomass conversion and plastic recycling
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Aaron M. Scurto, Ph.D.

Research interests: enzyme catalysis in non-aqueous solvents, extractive fermentation, and pharmaceutical and biomaterials processing with compressed carbon dioxide
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Mark B. Shiflett, Ph.D., P.E.

Research interests: advanced materials for separations, gas sorption and physical property measurements, reactor design and kinetics catalysis, desalination processes, gas expanded lubricants
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Susan M. Williams, Ph.D.

Research interests: hydrothermal liquefaction of wastewater algae, physicochemical properties of fuels and blends, catalysts for automotive emissions, glycerol reforming for syngas and hydrogen production, electroporation of algae, and the biodiesel initiative
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Department of Chemistry

Brian B. Laird, Ph.D.

Research interests: understanding structure, thermodynamics and kinetics of condensed phase interfaces, phase-equilibrium and transport properties of novel solvent media, and development of new algorithms for molecular modeling
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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Edward F. Peltier, Ph.D.

Research interests: biomolecular engineering
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Elaina J. Sutley, Ph.D.

Research interests: performance-based seismic design, hazard mitigation and structural reliability, large scale dynamic testing and monitoring, advanced materials, infrastructure rehabilitation using composite materials, shape memory alloys, and light-frame wood systems
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Department of Economics

Dietrich H. Earnhart, Ph.D.

Research interests: optimal strategies for enforcing environmental protection laws, the effects of regulatory factors on corporate and municipal environmental performance, the effect of professional peer comparisons on environmental compliance, policies to induce energy and water conservation, and efforts to reduce food waste
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Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Michael S. Branicky, Sc.D., P.E.

Research interests:
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Department of Geology

David Fowle, Ph.D.

Research interests: mineral exploration, environment, geochemistry, and early diagenesis
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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Depcik, Ph.D.

Research interests: automotive engineering, internal combustion engines, alternative fuels and energy
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Gibum Kwon, Ph.D.

Research interests: superomniphobic surfaces, liquid-liquid separations, self-healable coatings, and patterned surfaces
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Xianglin Li, Ph.D.

Research interests: direct methanol fuel cells, lithium-air batteries, battery thermal management, advanced heat pipes, and topology optimization
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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry